Starwood Aparthotels

Joyce and Reddington have recently completed the design, manufacture and installation of the specialist joinery to the above schemes, we are extremely proud to have delivered all three projects simultaneously due to the challenges of providing large volume manufacturing to a tight budget alongside extremely high end finishes (as always) of a bespoke nature to front of house areas, during the design phase we were able to add innovation in both design and materials for all areas producing real savings of around 18% while not detracting from the aesthetics or longevity of the joinery, all three schemes were delivered on time below budget to the satisfaction of both principal contractor and client.

Joinery elements supplied across all projects:

  • Kitchenettes
  • Vanity units
  • Mirror niches
  • TV surrounds
  • FCu casings
  • Reception pods and rear walls
  • Bars
  • Grab and go delicatessen units
  • Games room display walls
  • Lounge display walls